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  • McCloud’s Duvets



    • 100% wool filling in a 100% cotton casing
    • Maintains body temperature levels
    • Prevents mould and mildew build up
    All Season Wool Duvets
    We normally comb the wool into “bats” & carefully spread the wool out, without separating the fibres too far apart, in order to cover the base of the fabric.
    In an All Season wool duvet, we have two overlapping layers of wool.
    These duvets are best used in areas such as Johannesburg, Howick, Cape Town, George & Namibia etc.
    Summer Wool Duvets
    In summer wool duvets we only use one layer of carded wool, however these bats weigh more than the All Season bats ( the amount of bats used vary depending on thee size of your duvet).
    These duvets are best suited for “warm sleepers” and most often used in areas such as Durban, Mozambique & Pretoria etc.
    Winter Wool Duvets
    Made to order.
    Winter weight wool duvets have 3 layers of wool bats.
    Recommended for areas such as Prieska & probably Antartica.
    Black Wool Duvets
    The black wool duvets are filled with wool from black sheep.
    We purchase the wool from one of our neighbours in Chrissiesmeer.
    The wool is hand washed and air dried at our factory.
    Black Wool duvets standardly come in the All Season thickness, but we do make these in Summer weights on order.
    Bulk orders? contact us 060 994 3606
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